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Picanha Week at Steak King

Picanha Week at Steak King

The Brazilians were on to something with this legendary cut...   

At Steak King, our ongoing mission is to inspire and delight our customers with the finest meat and fish, plus the know-how to make it a hit when home cooked.  


This week we’re shining a spotlight on the picanha, pronounced “pee-kahn-yah". It’s thought that the name originated with the gaúcho of the southern regions, where it was common to hear them shout ‘picanha o bicho! ("spike the beast!") - referring to the spear-like tool the cowboys used to herd cattle. Where they made contact on the upper rump is where the picanha is located, and so the name stuck.  


Historically picanha or rump cap is the most prized of cuts – worshipped by Brazilians almost as fervently as Pelé but underappreciated by the rest of the world. That’s beginning to change as South American-style barbecue restaurants or churrascarias have become more popular internationally.   


For the most authentic preparation ‘picanha no espeto’, or ‘on a spit’: cut the rump cap into 3 or 4 slabs, curve into a C-shape with the thick fat layer remaining on the outer then season with rock salt, skewer and grill outdoors over natural wood charcoal. The combination of fat, fire, salt and smoke brings a truly magical flavour element.   


Cooked indoors, ‘picanha assada no forno’ or oven-roasted picanha ,offers a delicious and less labour-intensive option, until you’re ready to build your own grill.  

Whichever method you choose, we’ve a picanha to suit!   


Our 200-Day Grain-Fed MS5 Picanha boasts robust, beefy flavours, with superior marbling resulting from diet, while our Grass-Fed Angus Rump Cap has a leaner profile for those who prefer a more traditional flavour.  


For those who appreciate the complex and nuanced flavours imparted by dry ageing, our Black Angus Dry-Aged Picanha offers a flavour profile unlike anything else.  


Next in line is our M5 Wagyu Rump Cap. It has balanced marbling and a rich, buttery flavour that is sure to impress even the most discerning palates. The must-try option to elevate your grilling game represents the pinnacle of premium Australian beef production. Our Margaret River M9 Wagyu Picanha is unparalleled, with exceptional marbling flavour.  


Churrasco feliz!*  


*Happy grilling!