Steak King in your Development or as a Franchise

Steak King in your Development or as a Franchise

Steak King is a neighborhood retail concept specializes in selling top quality food ingredients for gourmet home cooking.  Steak King has recently opened numerous retail stores conveniently located in popular neighborhoods across Hong Kong, including Sai Kung, Mui Wo, Tung Chung and counting, where customers can expect high quality artisan Butchery, Fish Mongers, Fine Food Grocery, Wines and Spirits and Gourmet and Master Chef Gadgets at reasonable prices, and most excitingly, a new line of Ready-Meals that satisfy the cravings of every appetite.

The Restaurateur & Butcher

Steak King is the brainchild of Johnny Glover, who is recognized for his restaurant and butchery experience, he founded gourmet brands such as Pacific Gourmet and The Butchers Club and also consulted on restaurant concepts such as Morton’s of Chicago, Robuchon and Nobu.  At Steak King, Johnny’s first goal is to impact Hong Kong people’s lifestyle by launching a range of healthy, convenient Ready-Meals. “Under the COVID situation, Hong Kong people’s lifestyle has undergone a tremendous change, some went from dining out to ordering delivery, while most health-conscious diners prefer home-cooking. We see this as the perfect opportunity to launch our new Ready-Meals at our new retail shops, catering to connoisseurs who are too busy to cook, yet still have the chance to “eat like a pro”. Therefore, we create products that are easy to cook, yet taste heavenly, such that everyone can taste Michelin-starred meals at their own comfortable locations.” With Steak King’s new Ready-Meals, cooking is as simple as go and grab a pack of Ready-Meal, heat up and tuck in!

Steak King is interested in talking with developers that might be looking for retail concepts such as this in their residential projects.  We would also be interested in talking with F&B companies that may be interested in operating a Steak King Franchise in their country.   

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