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Margaret River Wagyu Beef – as rich as the region it comes from

Margaret River Wagyu Beef – as rich as the region it comes from

Over recent years, Wagyu cattle have grown in popularity with pure and crossbred herds established outside their native Japan. The very name ‘Wagyu’ has become synonymous with best available, even outside of the category, with Iberico or Kurobuta often referred to as ‘the Wagyu of Pork’.  


Margaret River Wagyu Beef is no exception. This acclaimed producer of premium Wagyu beef is a leader in sustainable and ethical beef production. Unlike industrial farming operations, demonstrably happy and healthy cattle are raised in a stress-free, natural environment roaming freely prior to a 150+ day diet of locally grown grain.  


This commitment to sustainability, quality and nutrition is evident in the beef product, renowned for its unmatched texture and flavour, as rich as the region itself.  


Margaret River Wagyu Beef is a popular choice among chefs, butchers, and home cooks worldwide due to its well-balanced flavor and fine marbling. It is also a healthier alternative to commercially produced Wagyu, as it has minimal saturated fat content and contains no added hormones. Even when simply pan-fried, these cuts offer remarkable taste and tender texture.

At Steak King, we’re committed to offering the highest quality produce at the best possible price. We’re proud to bring Margaret River Wagyu Beef directly from the producer to our customers, both professional chefs and home cooks.  


We offer a wide selection of chilled Margaret River Wagyu cuts, from Tomahawks to Tenderloin, Ribeye to Picanha and more, to suit every budget, occasion and cooking method. We also dry-age a limited quantity of bone-in Ribeye and Shortloin, enhancing the flavour and tenderness of the meat for the best steaks known to man. Our dry-aged beef is available in limited quantities, so be sure to inquire about its availability when you visit our store. 


For almost four years, Steak King has supplied this exceptional waggu beef, chilled and never frozen, to some of the most prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, including The Rosewood’s Henry, The Grand Hyatt Steak House, Rex Wine & Grill, Wooloomooloo Prime and SW Steak House at Wynn Macau. Since February, you can enjoy Margaret River Wagyu cuts at Macelle, our own steakhouse in Soho inspired by the grand Macellarias of Italy.