Cooking With Secondary Cuts Is Better For the Planet And For Your Wallet!

Cooking With Secondary Cuts Is Better For the Planet And For Your Wallet!

Nose to tail butchery means we are utilizing the entire animal, reducing waste,  ultimately reducing our overall meat consumption which in turn arguably reduces our carbon footprint. Cooking with secondary cuts enables this to happen and the good news is they are usually much better value for money than the in-demand premium loin cuts, and if you prepare them correctly they can often be just as tender, juicy and even more delicious!

This month we have brought you a selection of Wagyu and Angus secondary cuts for you to experiment with, try our recipes or create your own!

Skirt Steak

Chilled Wagyu Skirt $395/kg

Skirt Steak is similar to Hanger Steak but with better marbling, it is taken from the plate and is famed for its flavor, it is boneless with an outer covering of fat which can be trimmed or left on, it is perfect as a quick grilled steak at a high temperature and served medium rare.

Skirt Steak, Grilled in a Coffe, Brown Sugar & Chili Dry Rub

Hanger Steak

Chilled Black Angus Hanger $318/kg

Hanger Steak is also known as the Butchers Steak or Hanging Tender. It is taken from the plate and is famed for its flavour, it is boneless and lean, it is perfect as a quickly grilled steak at a high temperature. It is fantastic served with a Chimichurri Sauce

Recipe for Chimichurri

Flank Steak

Chilled Wagyu Flank $395/kg

Flank steak or top rump, is sourced from the rear of the animal and is similar to cuts from the surrounding area such as topside and silverside. It is a lean boneless cut of meat and usually comes with a thin layer of fat attached to the side which helps with the cooking process. Its is high in protein and low in fat making it great for people trying to gain muscle from their workouts. Flank should be cooked quickly and served medium rare.

Flank Steak Sandwich Recipe

Rib Fingers

Chilled Wagyu Rib Fingers $283/kg

Rib Fingers are the tender nuggets of meat that are cut from in between the bones of the Rib bones. They are great slowly cooked or smoked on the BBQ and are particularly good when slow braised in red wine and make an excellent substitute for Short Rib but at half the price. Do not mistake the meat as being the same as rib eye as it needs a more low and slow cooking approach.

Red Wine Braised Rib Fingers


Wagyu Oxtail $285/kg

Beef Oxtail is the tail part of the cattle. Each piece has a large bone in the middle, it is cooked in a low and slow way; such as stewing and braising. It is extremely flavoursome and popular in Western and Chinese dishes.

Braised Oxtail in Red Wine