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Steak King's Favourite Christmas Recipes

Steak King's Favourite Christmas Recipes

This holiday season, take your Christmas dinner to new heights with a collection of delectable recipes from Steak King. From succulent Prime Rib Roast to flavorful Iberico Pork Rack on the BBQ, we've curated a selection of culinary delights that will impress your guests and create lasting memories.

  1. Simple Red Wine Sauce:
    Enhance the flavours of your meal with our versatile Red Wine Sauce. This exquisite accompaniment pairs perfectly with any meat dish, adding a rich and savoury touch.

  2. Prime Rib Roast:
    Indulge in the centerpiece of your Christmas feast with our mouthwatering Prime Rib Roast. This perfectly cooked and seasoned delight will leave your guests craving for more.

  3. Iberico Pork Rack on the BBQ:
    Add a touch of sophistication to your holiday menu with our tantalizing Iberico Pork Rack on the BBQ. This succulent dish features tender and juicy pork, grilled to perfection and infused with smoky flavours.

  4. Beef Cheek Pie:
    Warm hearts and bellies with our delightful Beef Cheek Pie. The tender and flavoursome beef cheek filling, encased in buttery pastry, creates a comforting and satisfying dish.

How to Cook Beef Wellington:
Impress your guests with the classic Beef Wellington, a show-stopping centrepiece that exudes elegance.  

Oven Roasted Lamb Rack with Red Wine Sauce:
For the lamb enthusiasts, our Oven Roasted Lamb Rack with Red Wine Sauce is a must-try. This succulent dish features perfectly cooked lamb, seasoned to perfection, and served with a luscious red wine sauce.

This Christmas, create cherished memories with your family by preparing exquisite recipes from Steak King. From versatile sauces to mouthwatering roasts, delightful pies, and iconic dishes, our collection offers a culinary adventure that will elevate your holiday dinner.Gather around the table, share laughter, and delight in the tastes that will make this season truly special.