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Tomahawk Week - Better On The Bone!

Tomahawk Week - Better On The Bone!

Get ready, steak lovers! Steak King, Hong Kong’s unrivalled purveyor of premium cuts, is about to make your culinary dreams come true.  


We are proud to bring you ‘Tomahawk Week’ and a massive 20% OFF ALL BONE-IN RIB CUTS, both online and at Macelle, our Italian-inspired steakhouse in SoHo 


Check out using code TOMA20 at www.steak-king.com to enjoy this unbeatable deal! 


This week, we're putting the spotlight on this iconic cut. Also known as the cowboy cut, bone-in ribeye, or O.P. rib the Tomahawk has skyrocketed in popularity due to its robust flavour, generous marbling and visually impressive presentation.  


Our wide range of bone-in rib cuts includes an option for every palate and wallet: the perfect excuse to indulge:  


  • Our 1.5kg chilled Black Angus M3-4 Tomahawk is a more luxurious cut, from 200-day grain-fed cattle and boasting a higher marbling score. The result is a rich, buttery flavour that melts in your mouth. 

  • For a quick and easy weeknight meal, our 600g Frozen Black Angus Tomahawk is ideal.  It's also perfect for smaller appetites, without compromising on flavour or quality. 


Offers are valid for one week only, so don’t miss out on this carnivorous celebration! Find these and more in our dedicated Tomahawk collection.  


It’s always better on the bone! 


The deals don't stop there! At Macelle our 1.2kg Black Angus Tomahawk is expertly grilled to your liking and served with home-made fries and a crisp salad. A perfect meal for two at just $795* throughout July. Make your reservation here.  


*10% service charge applies.