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Hong Kong's Spiciest Sausage

Hong Kong's Spiciest Sausage

Fire Cracker Sausages

With so many people asking us to create a super spicy sausage  we thought it was high time that we did something about it, and here it is - our range of Fire Cracker Sausages – for Adults only.

Our fist point of call was to talk with our friend and expert in all things hot & spicy; Brodie Dawson of Dawson Hot Sauces out of Ontario, Canada. Brodie has been makings small batch  award winning hot sauces since 2010 and he consulted with us on the sauces to go in our new range of sausages. 

After many hours of experimentation in the kitchen we came up with a series of recipes that will not only blow your socks off with heat and spice but will get your taste buds craving for more with the extra layers of subtle flavours and textures created from the sauces and premium meat within each gourmet sausages.

Wagyu Beef & Ghost Chili – Made with Dawson’s Hot Sauce

We use Full Blood M9+ Wagyu Rump Steak as the main ingredients here, this is combined with beer, salt and other essential herbs and spices plus 1 bottle of Dawsons Ghost & Szechuan Pepper Sauce per 1 kg of meat. The result is a flavour bomb; the ghost chili hits the front of the palette creating a ‘just bearable’ tingle on the tongue while at the same time the Szechuan heat hits the back of the palette and with a dry numbing heat. The Ghost peppers in the sauce reach above 1 million on the Scoville Scale meaning its essential to have a cold beverage on hand with this sausage and we are supplying a specially selected can of Gweilo Beer to take the sting out the tail. That’s right every pack of sausages comes with a free beer!

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 10/10

Comes with a free can of Gweilo Beer

Lamb Shawarma – Made with Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Free Range  Aussie Lamb shoulder, ground with essential herbs and spices and mixed with 1 full bottle Dawsons Hot Shawarma Sauce per 1kg of meat. Creating a Middle Eastern kebab in a sausage! Its mildly spicy but bright in taste with smooth notes of garlic, honey, lemon & olive oil. Grill it at your next BBQ and serve with salad and minted yogurt in a soft roll or pitta bread!

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 6/10


Chicken & Red Habanero Chili – Made with Heart Beat Hot Sauce

Free range Aussie chicken ground with essential herbs and spices, finished with a full bottle Heart Beat Hot Sauce per 1kg of meat. The sausage has a naturally balanced heat with from red habaneros, a sweetness from honey and a brightness from the fresh lime in the sauce. Serve at your next BBQ with a bottle of Sol Beer for a real Mexican experience

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 7/10


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