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Angus Pure 200 Days Grain Fed Beef

Angus Pure 200 Days Grain Fed Beef

We are proud to launch a new category of Angus beef, we have teamed up with Thomas Foods out of Australia and are now offering their 200 Days Grain Fed  Angus Pure on our online store and in our shops.

Our Angus Pure Grainfed Beef has been raised on the lush pastures of Adelaide Hills, the Angus cattle’s diet has then been fortified with high protein grain for 200 days which gives the beef an intense marbling, exquisite flavour and tenderness. The well marbled beef lends itself extremely well to dry aging and will feature heavily in our aging cabinets. 

The signature feeding program is tailored to harness every ounce of energy and protein from locally sourced, GMO-Free, organic wheat and barley.

Angus Pure cattle are raised in the lush grazing regions of Southern Australia, and are antibiotic and hormone growth promotant free.

Modern consumers are seeking more ethical, natural meat options, while still focusing on premium eating quality. Angus Pure beef promises an eating experience that is healthy, flavoursome and tender, with cuts graded for quality using Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading. To manage the end-to-end process, Angus Pure is also fully traceable from grower to consumer, utilising DNA technology.

We have most of the popular cuts such as Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin, Porterhouse, Tomahawks, Rump, Rump Cap etc