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Steak King Chef & Butcher Gourmet Ready Made meals kits

Steak King Brings Convenience, Quality and Healthy Ready Made Meals to Connoisseurs

Steak King Chef & Butcher Gourmet ready made meals kits

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the lifestyle of individuals has undergone a tremendous change from dining out to cooking at home. Given this situation, Steak King is proud to launch a series of ready-meals in response to the severe lockdown. The ready-meals are set to be time-saving, effortless with ease of handling and storage.

Owned by Johnny Glover, founder of Pacific Gourmet and The Butchers Club, and helmed by Head Chef Brandon Tomkinson, Steak King is a neighborhood retail concept specializes in selling top quality food ingredients for gourmet home cooking. Apart from the convenience and portability of the ready-meals, Steak King’s ready-meals are what customers can expect to taste in the restaurant – as delicious, as healthy, at their own comfortable place.

The variety of ready-meals range from seafood to sous vide meats, and comfort food to classical dishes, catering to foodies with different appetite.


Steak King ready made meals kits Pizza

New York Style Pizza

Made with slow fermented natural bio sourdough, organic flour blend and hand stretched for a 12 inch base.


Steak King ready made meals kits crab cakes

Frozen House Made Maryland Crab Cakes

Homemade with fresh crab lump meat and a hint of spice, the crab cake is an easy recipe by just defrosting and frying in butter or olive oil for approximately 4 minutes.


Steak King ready made meals kits duck confit

Free Range Duck Confit

Steak King’s slow-cooked free range French duck legs is processed in house by slowly poaching in duck fat until the meat becomes tender and flavorful.


Steak King ready made meals kits beef wellington

Wagyu Beef Wellington

Steak King’s signature Beef Wellington is an all-time-favorite of our customers. Chef Brandon learnt the art of making Beef Wellington from his time working with Gordon Ramsay and heading up London House & Bread Street Kitchen. Using Wagyu Tenderloin, encased with mushroom duxelles and seasoned pancake, wrapped in puff pastry. The Beef has been sous vide cooked to the perfect medium rare.


Steak King ready made meals kits lamb shepherd's pie

Lamb Shepherds Pie

One of Chef Brandon’s comfort food, the Lamb Shepherds Pie is a refined version of Master Chef Gordon Ramsey’s recipe with the finest ingredients and classical techniques, transforming simple ingredients into something so flavorful that you wouldn't believe it possible.


Steak King ready made meals kits mushroom lasagna

Mixed Mushroom Lasagna

Vegetarian may go for the Mixed Mushroom Lasagna, which is another popular option of Steak King die-hard fans. Perfect for winter Vegetarian option, this layered Mixed Mushroom lasagna is seasoned with thyme, leek, white wine and cream.


House Made Family Pies

Feeding the family can be a tough task, but with our range of family pies it will become one of the easiest jobs!  Choose from beef cheek, stout & mushroom, chicken & leek or luxury seafood, each one is filled with a generous amount of saucy filling.


Steak King marinated chicken ready made meal kits

Marinated Free Range Chicken

We have put together a range of super tasty marinades for our Hazeldenes Chicken. Roast in your oven or grill on the BBQ for a healthy and delicious meal.


Steak King Wagyu Cheese Burger ready made meals kits

Premium Cheeseburger Kit

Wanna make your own burger at home? We have a Premium Cheeseburger Kit for you includes everything you needed. Make it like a PRO!