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Steak King BBQ catering with chef

STEAK KING BBQ Catering packages - Let us man your grills!


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Johnny Glover started his career with an international outside catering company in the UK, as a chef he travelled around Europe executing large scale events such as Wimbledon, Paris Air Show, Farnborough Airshow, The Grand National plus Formula 1 Racing in Hong Kong. With The Butchers Club he oversaw event catering for festivals such as ClockenFlap, HK Rugby 7’s and also catered BBQs for the likes of AIA for up to 1000 people.

Brandon Tomkinson joins Johnny's new venture at Steak King and The Factory event space as Executive Chef after almost 4 years of working with Gordon Ramsay where he headed up the kitchens of London House and Bread Street Kitchen. Utilising his network, Johnny works directly with some of the best farmers, fishermen and artisan producers around the world. He brings the finest produce to Hong Kong allowing chef Brandon and his team of chefs to create paddock to plate BBQs at your home or office for a fraction of the price. Menus are customised to your ideal taste and criteria.


Steak King BBQ Catering with chef Brandon Tomkinson
Our BBQ catering packages are carefully put together with a selection of house made products including a wide range of sausages, burger patties and special rubs, marinades and sauces used for all types of steak cuts. We provide a one stop shop including professional chefs and servers so you can relax and enjoy the occasion socializing with your guests. Want to be the one who looks like a pro? Don’t worry, for those that want to man the grill themselves, we do BBQ ready catering packages with all the prep done, so all you have to do is cook on the day.
Steak King lamb spit roast Hong Kong BBQ catering
For those who have a big outdoor space and are looking for a more unique experience to impress the guests, Steak King offers spit roasts with whole lamb and hogs. Vision the spectacle of a whole Dorper lamb or hog roasting for hours in the spit that we bring with the aroma filling up the air from our chef’s secret marinate, guests can expect succulent tender yet flavorsome meat which is then paired with a selection of breads, sauces and salads.


Steak King Smoked meats BBQ Hong Kong Catering with chef

We bring the Smokers, the meats, the sides and the pit masters to turn your outside venue into an authentic Southern BBQ Pit. We offer a selection of high quality BBQ meats including but not limited to 16 hours smoked Wagyu Brisket, Cider Glazed Berkshire Pork Ribs and Carolina Pulled Pork to name a few. These will be slow cooked on low temperature for hours imparting a smoky flavor from the smouldering hardwood guaranteed to stimulate your guest’s taste buds.


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