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Dry aged burger class

Dry aged burger class

Johnny Glover founded The Butchers Club after perfecting the art of dry-aging beef and also got his burger restaurants listed in The Michelin Guide. He is now willing to spill the beans and share his knowledge, recipes, and meat blend with the Burger Lovers of Hong Kong.

Come and join Butcher Johnny & Chef Brandon for an evening at The Factory and learn all you will ever need to know to make Michelin star-level burgers.

On the night you will learn:

The art of dry-aging beef cuts for the perfect burger

Trimming, blending, and grinding the meat for the perfect patty

Making the secret sauce

Pickling your own veggies

Forming, grilling, and resting the perfectly cooked patty

Toasting the perfect bun

Assembling your creation

Eating your creation!

In addition, you will take home

-4 patties that you’ve created

-4 buns of your choice

-4 slices of Monterey jack cheese

– 200g of secret burger sauce

-1 x 200g of factory’s burger relish

The night will also offer a free flow drinks package so you can stay hydrated.

Price HK$950