Dry Aged Beef Program

Dry Aged Beef Program

Simply select your primal, we will tag it with your name and place it inside our custom-made dry-aging cabinets, where it will transform into the most flavorsome, juicy, and tender piece of beef you will ever have tried.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit our store in Wong Chuk Hang or order online
  2. Select and pay for your beef primal in consultation with our Master Butchers
  3. Select how long you want us to age it for
  4. We will tag your primal with your name and contact number and place it in our dry aging cabinet where our butcher will check on it and turn it every day
  5. Once ready we will trim the beef and cut it to your specification (we can cut into 2 prime rib roasts, 7 bone-in chops, or 18 – 20 boneless ribeye steak)
  6. Come and collect or we will deliver to one address
  7. We will allow you to take half of the slab initially and collect the rest at a later date.


What Is Dry-Aged Beef?

A dry-aged steak is, as you surely guessed, aged before eating. You can find steaks that have been dry-aged from 21 to even up to 120 days. The most common timeframe for a steak to be dry-aged is 30 days. The meat doesn’t spoil during this time, because we age it in conditions that tightly control the levels of moisture and bacteria.

During the dry-aging process, moisture is drawn out of the meat. This causes the beef flavor to become even beefier and more flavorful, taking on notes of; nuts, truffles, and blue cheese. What’s more, the aging process causes the beef’s natural enzymes to break down the connective tissue in the meat, making it more tender. A crust that forms on the outside of the meat while it ages further this tenderization process, we remove this curst by carefully trimming it away before butchering the primal.

Dry-aging is basically a controlled decomposition of the meat, which sounds kind of gross, but results in a meat that is 1) more flavorful and 2) more tender.


Snake River Farms Wagyu MS9 (11kg) HK$11,500

Snake River Farms Gold 9+ Whole Shortlion HK$1,000/kg

USDA Prime Angus MS2-3 (9kg) HK$7,000

***Please note***

  • You will lose approximately 10-15% in weight loss during the aging process
  • You will lose another 5-10% in the trimming process
  • If we remove the bones for boneless steaks we will supply the bones separately (approximately 1kg)