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8 Indoor Grilling Hacks For Rainy Days

8 Indoor Grilling Hacks For Rainy Days

Unfortunately the Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable, but you shouldn’t let that dampen you plans, these 8 easy to follow hacks should have you cooking up a storm, feeding your party and staying dry at the same time!









Cast Iron Pans can save your life in bad weather

You don't need a panini press or a whole indoor grilling system or whatever else you might think you need to do this. You need a cast-iron pan. They're good and cheap

You need to season a cast iron pan so that it can impart as much flavor as possible! All you have to do for your new pan to be set for life is 1) scrub it, 2) dry it, 3) melt things in it, 4) heat it, and 5) cool it. Boom! Flavor 4 life.









Get Oily with the veggies

It's important you oil both sides of everything you're grilling — that includes any kind of loose herbs you're using to marinate! Or else it's going to burn















Trim The Fat on Your Meat

When grilling outdoors we recommend cust with lots of fat as they keeps the meat moist and flavoursome, however  grilling indoors = less ventilation  which = smoke. But the less fat there is in your food, the less burning will be required which means less smoke!

 Get Rid of the Smoke (almost) Altogether

Pre-heated I your skillet 350 degrees then place it in to your oven. It works just as well (and eliminates  ventilation issues you might expect from a stovetop grilling) while you keep the oven shut.









Make Your Own Grill Marks

It's just a matter of pressing your meat to the grill pan at a 45-degree angle for a few minutes before rotating, rinsing, and repeating. It'll look just as though you took it off the BBQ.








Fake The Smoke

Your indoor party isn't going to yield the smokiest of meat flavors. But that's fine because you can still make it happen with a super smoke-heavy barbecue sauce or marinade.


Skip the Stove — Use Your Oven

Your oven can serve as a grill in and of itself. All you have to do is pre-heat your cast iron grill pan and put your food as close to the top of the oven as possible.









Oven is even Better than the Grill

Oven-cooked ribs are the most sumptuous in the world because of how the heat is able to get all up around the meat in a way a BBQ won't allow. Cook em low and slow

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