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Frozen Boneless Marbled Lamb Leg 2.0kg to 2.2kg
Frozen Boneless Marbled Lamb Leg 2.0kg to 2.2kg

Frozen Boneless Marbled Lamb Leg 2.0kg to 2.2kg

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Marble score: 4-5

The finest award winning Lamb from Australia, fed on organic grain and grass for 100 days to give this lamb a marble score of 3-5 (the wagyu of lamb). Juicy, tender and flavorsome.

Roast this as a joint or dice for curries, stews or bbq skewers

Marrunga Marbled Lamb

Marrunga Marble Lamb has been fed on organic grain for 90 – 100 days, the meat is recognised by its high marble characteristics which gives it augmented taste and texture. Each cut is beautiful with fine threads of healthy intramuscular fat, giving it a luxurious quality and mild lamb taste on the palette.

Our breeding partner identified that high IMF (Intramuscular Fat Content) produced the best MSA (Meat Standards Australia) ratings. An MSA rating is the eating quality index, judging a combination of tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall appeal to the palate. It was found that as marbling went up, so did eating quality.

Lambs are grain fed for a minimum of 90 days on a program formulated by nutritionists with experience in developing leading Wagyu feeding regimes. The highly marbled lamb is produced in an environmentally sustainable farming operation.