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Restauranteur and Chef Bucking the Trend with Retail Concept


Steak King

Welcome to Steak King Market, our new neighbourhood retail concept and online store. Steak King is a good old-fashioned, honest artisanal butchery, fishmonger and fine-food grocery. We also offer wines and spirits, and gourmet and master-chef gadgets. Formerly named Argyle Foods, Steak King promises produce of the same quality, direct from paddock to plate and farm to fork, as well as sincere, honest customer service from our team of experienced food-and-beverage professionals.  Now, with a growing number of walk-in stores conveniently situated in your neighbourhood, you can shop for top-quality ingredients for your gourmet home cooking or pick up your online orders at a time that’s convenient to you.

We offer a range of frozen as well as chilled products, as we believe frozen items offer both convenience and food safety, as well as being fresher than fresh, as we fully control the supply and cold chain from producer to consumer.

0ur customer service is further enhanced by offering value-added products, as well as intuitive advice from a master butcher or master chef on the best cuts and grades, customised portions and packaging, handling and cooking tips. We also offer selected master classes – these include preparing artisanal sausages or classic roasts such as Beef Wellington, as well as sous vide techniques, and provide a range of accompanying ingredients and products, including base sauces, seasoning mixes and marinades.

We also offer premium fish and shellfish, mongered and filleted to perfection and frozen at source to be fresher than fresh. We dare you to join our master classes in oyster-chucking, which are paired with fine wines from our selection!


Our Story

Steak King is the brainchild of Johnny Glover, affectionately known as “Johnny Chicken Dinner”, whose name you may recognise from successful gourmet brands such as Pacific Gourmet and The Butchers Club, both of which he founded. With the all-new Steak King Food and Beverage concept, our vision is to source the finest-quality and best-value-for-money products direct from farmers with accredited livestock breeding and husbandry programmes or sustainability conscious fishermen around the world. We purvey these through a chain of convenient and trendy retail stores around Hong Kong, along with our online platform, www.steak-king.com.

Orders are handled, produced and carefully packed at our food factory in Wong Chuk Hang. We deliver to your home or office in our own refrigerated vehicles, whose location can be tracked online at any time. This ensures all produce is handled correctly within our cold chain, from floor to door. We currently have retail stores in Sia Kung and Mui Wo (Lantau), and have outlets under construction in Tung Chung and Tsuen Kwan O. Our aim is to share our vision and, most importantly, our quality and service by opening a further 10-15 stores within the next 18 months.


Our Environmental Values and Principles

As a new business, we embrace the unique opportunity of doing the right thing from the start. That means we have adopted a business culture that enables us to cut out most plastics for packaging, with the goal of becoming totally plastics-free by the end of 2021. We strive to use re-usable or recyclable materials for all packaging, and do this by strictly following our principles, as well as advising our suppliers and customers how this culture can be passed on through our entire value chain, all the way from the paddock to the plate.

We import direct from the farmers and fishermen, whom we carefully selected according to our procurement standards and, most importantly, whose production facilities have been personally inspected by us. We work only with people whose business culture and environmental and sustainability standards we respect. By cutting out middlemen, we can bring you best produce at the best prices, while totally controlling quality, further production processes and logistics. Wherever possible, our produce is organic, free-range and free of yield additives such as growth hormones and pesticides.

 The Products

The Ready-Meals are packed in Hong Kong under their own fun, happy brands that imitate the sound of the animals, namely ‘Moo Moo Beef’, ‘Bah Bah Sheep’, ‘Oink Oink Pig’, ‘Bok Bok Chicken’ and ‘Snip Snap Seafood’, where each package has a QR code that will take customers to a Master Chef’s produced intuitive videos or articles on how to perfectly cook the product to be enjoined and appreciated at home.

Moo Moo Beef


Our delicious beef is imported direct from source. The Australian Black Angus and beef from a top-quality Wagyu programme is free from antibiotics, growth proponents and hormones and is Halal accredited. For Wagyu beef, we work closely with Snake River Farms in the US, Again, which our butchers and chefs have selected for its outstanding quality and product philosophy. We’re well known for our beef dry-ageing programme, which we first introduced to the Hong Kong market and have perfected over time. We have the best produce, the most professional equipment and the finest culinary skills to handle beef correctly for this dry-ageing process. This means we can take the finest raw materials and make them even tastier, juicer and more tender, bringing real added value and customisation potential for our customers.

We also address the ongoing grass-fed versus grain-fed debate, offering our customers choice as well as professional butcher’s advice.

Our beef is packed in Hong Kong under our Moo Moo Beef brand. Each package carries a QR code that takes you to intuitive videos or articles, produced by our own master butchers, on how to cook the product to perfection so it can be enjoyed and appreciated in your very own environment.

Bah Bah Lamb

Our delicate grass-fed Lamb comes directly by air cargo from farms in Australia and New Zealand that are totally natural and small producers, and personally selected by our chef and butcher. We offer a range of premium cuts, such as lamb rack and loin, as well as budget cuts like shoulder and shanks that can be turned into the most delicious meals. Our lamb is imported chilled and then packed and frozen in Hong Kong under our Bah Bah Lamb brand; as with our beef, each package carries a QR code that takes you to intuitive videos or articles.

Oink Oink Pork

Our tasty free-range pork hails from Australia and is naturally hormone- and antibiotic-free, due to proper breeding programmes and livestock husbandry. We import the finest free-range Iberico pork and ham direct from selected farms in Spain. Our Pork is imported chilled and then packed in Hong Kong under our Oink Oink Pork brand and is then frozen to offer a fresher-than-fresh product. As with our beef, each package carries a QR code that takes you to intuitive videos or articles.


Bok Bok Chicken

Our succulent chicken, which hails direct from farms in Queensland, Australia, is corn-fed and free-range and also guaranteed to be hormone- and antibiotic-free. We pride ourselves to be able to offer the finest birds, tasty and juicy every time to our valued customers. We import whole chilled chickens from Australia, then pack them in Hong Kong under our Bok Bok Chicken brand and freeze them. As with our beef, each package has a QR code that takes you to intuitive videos or articles.


Snip Snap Seafood

Our founder, Johnny Glover, has been in the seafood business for almost 30 years and understands the importance of freshness and partnering with the right people who also care about the environment. Our sustainable seafood is imported from the pristine waters of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.  Wherever possible our partners are registered with Friends Of The Sea or The Marine Stewardship Council ( MSC ). Our fish and shellfish is either imported chilled and then processed in Hong Kong or has been frozen at sea right after the catch to ensure super-freshness. As with our beef each package has a QR code that takes you to intuitive videos or articles.

The Chef & Butcher Ready Meals & Meal Kits

Johnny Glover is our Butcher & Fishmonger, and Brandon Tomkinson is our Chef. Both are industry professionals with prestigious background of working with the best people in their class, such as Gordon Ramsey, and have worked as consultants with Morton’s of Chicago, Robuchon and Nobu. Together they create restaurant-quality meals for individuals and families who lack the time to cook at home. The key to the success of these ready meals is using the best-available ingredients and applying professional cooking techniques to craft a gourmet dinner that’s second to none. Under our Chef & Butcher range we also provide a handmade range of artisanal sausages, burgers, sauces, pickles, seasoning mixes, marinades and special Chef’s Mise en Place, using the finest ingredients available.


Our Stores

Wong Chuk Hang & Head Offoce

16A Kwai Bo Industrial Building 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Tel: 90951817
Whatsapp: 91363406
Email: orders@steak-king.com
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM

Sai Kung Store

Shop 1, G/F, No.66 Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung
Tel: 60670852
Email: saikung@steak-king.com
Opening Hours: 7 Days a week 10AM-7PM

Mui Wo Store

Butchers Shop

Shop 1, G/F Lucky Court, No.16 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, South Lantau
Tel: 5988 2005
Email: muiwo@steak-king.com
Opening Hours: 7 Days a week 8:30AM-8PM

Lantau Coffee Shop
Opening Hours: 7 Days a week 8AM-10PM
Tel: 5988 2005

Lantau Pizza (Pick up & Delivery ONLY)
Opening Hours: 
Tel: 5988 2005

Tung Chung Store (opening Oct 2021)

Shop No.1 Ground Floor, Commercial Car Park (also known as Fu Tung Plaza) Fu Tung Estate, 6 Fu Tung Stree, Tung Chung