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【Timeout】Best lunch and takeaway options in Hong Kong

【Timeout】Best lunch and takeaway options in Hong Kong

Best lunch and takeaway options in Hong Kong

Dine-in until 6pm or take it home to enjoy

Written by 
Fontaine Cheng

Following the reimposed social distancing regulations that put a 6pm curfew on dining at restaurants, Hong Kong has had to respond quickly in order to keep business going as usual. Thanks to their resilience, and the fact that many were more prepared this time around, many of these restaurants have come up with takeaway and/or lunch menus to keep us all going too.

So, if you're looking to support your favourite eateries, don't forget to check out their adapted operating hours and takeout options, and we'll do our best to keep updating this list in the meantime. Please check with the restaurant for more specific details and remember to adhere to social distancing requirements when you do dine-in.

Note: From January 7, all restaurants must stop offering dine-in services from 6pm to 5am with the number of people per table capped at two to six people depending on the type of the restaurant. For restaurants with unvaccinated staff, only two people are allowed per table. Groups of four will be allowed in restaurants with vaccinated staff members, and groups of six are allowed in restaurants when both staff and customers are vaccinated. 

Steak King

Steak King is offering a variety of convenient ready-meals to make and enjoy at home. Highlights include the seafood paella meal kit which comes with a free pan, Wagyu beef wellington, lamb shepherd's pie, mushroom lasagne and more.

To order, head to steak-king.com and check out the ready meals

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