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Sausage Class

Sausage Class

Learn the art of Sausage Making at the Factory.  The experience is $1050 per person however we are currently offering this for just $950 per person! Sausage Class Format

    •  Learn how to butcher legs of pork

    • Select and combine the ingredients from a recipe or get creative and design your own

    • Grind the meat and combine it with your ingredient

    •  Stuff the sausage meat into natural casings using a sausage stuffer

    • Linking the Sausages

Class Includes

    • Dinner – Sausage & Mash + Onion Gravy & Peas

    • Complimentary drinks

    •  Your own sausages cooked for your dinner at The Factory

    • 1kg of Sausages to take home (retail value HK$ 300)

    • A prize for the best sausage of the evening