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Steak King Sausages

Who Makes The Best Sausages in Hong Kong?

We are proud to state that at Steak King we make all of our own sausages; in house, by hand using only the finest ingredients and with traditional artisanal techniques. We are very confident that we have the best bangers in town.  Our secret weapon comes in the form of Chef Brandon who comes up with recipes and ingredients and Butcher Conrad who has 30 years experience in making artisan sausages in Australia and Hong Kong.

Together they create flavours texture and goodness in the form of gourmet sausages for the best restaurants and the most discerning home consumers in town.

Many of our competitors say they make their own product but when we look at them we have serious doubts and think they are probably made in a factory somewhere overseas. We are up for a ‘sausage off’ if anyone wants to challenge our team.

By far our most popular sausage is our Irish Pork, it’s a simple recipe that is loved by children and adults alike.  Made from free range pork, salt pepper and a touch of sage, they are gluten free and also free of nasty additives.

Our Second most popular is our Chicken and Chive, again a simple yet incredibly tasty recipe. Free range chicken thigh meat with a touch of white wine and freshly chopped chives. Put these babies inside a hot dog bun and you will have very happy campers. Again 100% meat and free of gluten and preservatives.

One of our team's personal favourite and certainly our most decadent is our Iberico Pork shoulder with 48 months matured Iberico Ham, Mozzarella and Sundried Tomato. It's like the finest pizza known to man – but in a sausage. A bit more expensive (that’s because the ham costs more than gold) but certainly worth it and a must try if you are entertaining guests that would know their sausages!

Something subtle, light, delicate yet full of flavour is our Lamb, Mint, Honey & Rosemary. Australian Lamb shoulder with fresh herbs and honey make this a gourmet delight on the BBQ, in a pan or in the oven. 100% lamb with no fillers or preservatives.

For the mums and dads, a sausage with a bit of a Zing is the Spicy Italian. Free Range Pork, Fennel, Smoked Paprika, Chilli and Red Wine are the main ingredients. Perfect with an ice cold beer or a glass of rose!

For the steak lovers out there, you are going to love this. Wagyu Chuck steak marinated in beer and home made BBQ sauce. Serve them with more beer or a nice glass of red. They would be gluten free with the exception of the beer in them.

Last but not least and again something preferred by adults is the South African Boerewors. It’s a mixture of beef and pork that have been pickled in Malt Vinegar before being coarsely ground with strong spices such as coriander, mace and chilli and formed into coil. Not for the feint hearted and traditionally accompanied with Chakalaka (African Spiced Vegetable Chutney) and cold beer. Cook it over coals on the braai!

There is a technique to Cooking Sausages and if we are going to give you one tip, that is to cook them slowly! Sausages are high in fat and if you boil that fat quickly it will split the sausage and become dry and less juicy and flavoursome.  So be patient and start them off slowly! CLICK Here for our video on how a professional chef cooks sausages.

Wagyu Beef & Ghost Chili – Made with Dawson’s Hot Sauce

We use Full Blood M9+ Wagyu Rump Steak as the main ingredients here, this is combined with beer, salt and other essential herbs and spices plus 1 bottle of Dawsons Ghost & Szechuan Pepper Sauce per 1 kg of meat. The result is a flavour bomb; the ghost chili hits the front of the palette creating a ‘just bearable’ tingle on the tongue while at the same time the Szechuan heat hits the back of the palette and with a dry numbing heat. The Ghost peppers in the sauce reach above 1 million on the Scoville Scale meaning its essential to have a cold beverage on hand with this sausage.

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 10/10

Comes with a free can of Gweilo Beer

Lamb Shawarma – Made with Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Free Range  Aussie Lamb shoulder, ground with essential herbs and spices and mixed with 1 full bottle Dawsons Hot Shawarma Sauce per 1kg of meat. Creating a Middle Eastern kebab in a sausage! Its mildly spicy but bright in taste with smooth notes of garlic, honey, lemon & olive oil. Grill it at your next BBQ and serve with salad and minted yogurt in a soft roll or pitta bread!

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 6/10


Chicken & Red Habanero Chili – Made with Heart Beat Hot Sauce

Free range Aussie chicken ground with essential herbs and spices, finished with a full bottle Heart Beat Hot Sauce per 1kg of meat. The sausage has a naturally balanced heat with from red habaneros, a sweetness from honey and a brightness from the fresh lime in the sauce. Serve at your next BBQ with a bottle of Sol Beer for a real Mexican experience

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Spiciness Scale 7/10

Hot Chipotle Chicken Sausages

Free range corn fed chicken coarsely ground with smokey chipotle pepper and rocket.

Medium spiced, great in a hot dog!

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)

Turkey Cranberry & Spinach SausagesTurkey Cranberry & Spinach Sausages

Turkey Breast ground with smoked bacon, cranberries and spinach makes for a tasty and healthier sausage.

600 gram pack (6x100 gram sausages)