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How to Prepare & Cook a Ribeye Cap

How to Prepare & Cook a Ribeye Cap

The Cap of Ribeye is the most desirable cut from all cuts and is a delicacy that really has to be tasted to be believed. We’re proud to offer this uncommon product, but please note it is only available in limited quantities.

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Firstly defrost the ribeye cap in the refrigerator overnight (If its frozen), then sit on the counter for 2 hours before cooking to allow it to come up to room temperature.

The easiest way to prepare this is to simply trim any excess fat and silver skin from the meat, then cook as a whole piece on a grill. 


Another way is to repare the Ribeye cap as individual steaks…

Pinwheeled and Pan Fried Ribeye Cap

Another way is to ‘pinwheel’ the steak and cook in a pan as you would a traditional Ribeye

One end will be thicker than the other. In order to make your steaks more even in weight, tuck the thin end in about 3 inches.

Roll the meat into a log then tie it using a butchers knot into the number of steak you want to cut. A 500 gram piece will yield 4 x 120 gram steaks. How to Tie a Butchers Knot 

Slice the steaks between the butchers string which gives you perfect steak ‘Pinwheels’

Season with salt, pepper and cook in a pan the way you would a normal ribeye or tenderloin.

You can follow these instructions on How To Cook the Perfect Steak in a Pan.