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Dry Aged Burger Patties 4 x 150g
Dry Aged Burger Patties 4 x 150g

Dry Aged Burger Patties 4 x 150g

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Steak King: $416.67/kg
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4 Handmade Burger patties, per 600g pack.

We have used the finest Black Angus: Chuck, Brisket & Rump all dry aged for 21 days then trimmed and ground coarsely to create the ultimate burger patty. The Chuck acts as a bulker and gives it a juiciness, the brisket gives a bite to the mix and the rump offers up  a depth of flavour and texture that is unparalleled. The dry aging process helps take out moisture in the meat which makes the flavour more intense and the texture more juicier. Notes of nuts, truffles and blue cheese can be detected.


Please note. Dry Aged burger patties should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 60 Celsius (medium to well done)

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