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from the Fish Market
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Famous for it’s huge variety of freshly-caught seafood from the southern oceans, the Sydney Fish Market offers seafood like no other market. Working with our local partner, Steak King is proud to announce that on August 21st, we'll be kicking off a new bi-weekly service, bringing the best of Sydney’s fresh fish and seafood to our home delivery customers here in Hong Kong.



And we'll make sure to notify you as soon as this offer is available.

How It Works

Step 1:
Video Announcement  

Each Monday morning a video such as this will be sent to your Email, WhatsApp or Steak King App. The content will highlight what’s available, fresh, in season and in abundance that week.

Step 2
Make your Selection

With your subscription you get to choose 6 out of the 10 items on offer, you can also select some addons and pay extra for them

Step 3
Ship Your Order

The products will be purchased from the Sydney Fish Markets, packed and sent to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific

Step 4
Deliver to your Door

Steak King will collect your orders from the airport and deliver it directly to your door on Friday or Saturday that same week.

What you can expect

Seafood Siz

Snapper Fillet (two packs)


Blue Eye Cod Portioned (two packs)


Southern Australian Hiramasa Kingfish Portioned (two packs)


Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Portions (two packs)


Fresh Black Mussel


Eastern King Prawns


Sydney Rock Oyster (Appellation)

1 Dozen

Southern Calamari (Line Caught)


Flinder Island Scallop Meat


*Each week we'll offer a range of delicious add-ons so you can customise your order to suit your needs

Reviews for the Sydney Fish Market

The quality of the seafood is exceptional, with everything being sourced fresh from local waters.

- Brian DN (Google Review)

Best fresh seafood you'll get in Sydney! All very delicious!

- 7K Tribe (Google Review)

If you are thinking to prepare a delicious dish made with fish, this is the place for buy the principal ingredient.

- KI Family (Google review)

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