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What's in-store

Steak King products are sourced directly from farmers and fishermen from around the world, we pride ourselves on working with the finest producers that care about their products the same way that we do. Meats and Seafoods are flown in fresh and processed by our own expert butchers here in Hong Kong before being blast frozen and delivered to our own stores for your enjoyment.

Customer Reviews

Pui Chi C (Google Review)

Bought picanha chilled M9 Australian wagyu beef. awesome marbling!! Their wagyu beef is really good quality and there are some great deals. Sometimes their wagyu special is equal price to USDA prime!

Tom B (Google Review)

Amazing Beef. The Wagyu is literally unmatchable in HK, and I speak as a private chef with over 10 years experience in HK. Whether buying as a chef for client events or as a customer for home use you will not be dissapointed.

Biggus F (Google Review)

The best place to pick up cuts of delicious wagyu and black angus, or the choicest of hand-made, gorgeous sausages.

My favourite butcher and delicatessen in Hong Kong, hands down.