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World Class Speciality Coffee now available at Steak King outlets

World Class Speciality Coffee now available at Steak King outlets

The Coffee

All coffees are carefully selected based on their specialty scores (80 points or higher), direct trade relationships and the communities they positively affect! Taste is of prime importance, however, making sure our foot print is positive on this planet has too be equally as important. Jo & Johnny cup each bean roast, weekly, making sure only the best gets to you and your loved ones

Core mission: Quality, Taste & Community Impact 


The Roast

Dr. Jo Sutton has trained both in Melbourne and Taiwan where he has been lucky enough to study under some of the World’s best roasters. He has refined his art further, here in Hong Kong, where he takes the art and science to a new dimension, pumping out the signature blend for Lantau Coffee Roasters (House Blend) and helping to train their in-house roasting experts!  


The People

Dr. Jo Sutton


Having studied hospitality from high school, he has since successfully continued those studies at universities in Australia and Hong Kong.  Jo also picked up the professionalism of coffee both through his extensive academic and industry related careers, which were built upon his early teen years of working in some of Melbourne’s best cafes, bars and restaurants. His passion for coffee has seen him master a number of key skill sets, predominately; professional roasting, cupping & taste profiles and extraction methods. He has had the fantastic opportunity to trial and test his knowledge and skills within the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Hotel & Tourism Management (which is consistently ranked number 1 around the world) - where he currently oversees the F&B subject coordination and actively teaches. Dr. Sutton is currently working closely with a number of South East Asian governmental departments to enhance the horticulture of these developing nations and their local sale-abilty of great coffee.


Johnny Glover

Johnny worked with Dr. Jo Sutton at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Hotel & Tourism Management and also assisted Jo in the teaching of coffee roasting and barista training. Johnny is the founder of Steak King Market stores where you will not only find the perfect cup of coffee but also speciality beans for sale.


Our Barista

Ben has a solid café background, growing up within the hospitality trade. He has since pursued his passion for boutique roasting, where he is currently undertaking his level 1 Master Roaster certificate. Ben is responsible for your Single Origin in-shop orders. Help escape the COVID woes by traveling around Lantau Coffee Roaster’s world selection of beans – from Tanzania, Uganda, Northern Vietnam to the avocado shaded hills of Honduras!