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Frozen Sardine Fillets 2x500 gram packs
Frozen Sardine Fillets 2x500 gram packs

Frozen Sardine Fillets 2x500 gram packs

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Throw some sardines on the barbecue and capture a taste of sun-soaked Mediterranean shores. Sardines are silver-skinned, oily fish with softly flaking pink flesh and more than their fair share of flavour. If you've only ever had them packed in oil before, prepare yourself for a fishy revelation. We have removed the head and backbone to create grill-ready butterflied fillets.

Although sardines swim in vast shoals, giving the illusion of great abundance, careful fishing to sustain on-going populations is vital. They're a heavily predated species, meaning they sustain many other fish, seabirds, mammals, and cetaceans, so large-scale fishing can have a knock-on effect. That's why at Steak King, we work with fishing partners who adhere to the rules of sustainable fishing. They use methods that avoid taking young fish, too small to eat, and have minimal impact on the fragile ecology of the seabed.

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