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Wagyu Beef & Ghost Chili Sausages 400g Pack

Wagyu Beef & Ghost Chili Sausages 400g Pack

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Marble score: 9+


Made with Dawson’s Hot Sauce!

We use Full Blood M9+ Wagyu Rump Steak as the main ingredients here, this is combined with beer, salt, and other essential herbs and spices plus 1 bottle of Dawsons Ghost & Szechuan Pepper Sauce per 1 kg of meat. The result is a flavour bomb; the ghost chili hits the front of the palette creating a ‘just bearable’ tingle on the tongue while at the same time the Szechuan heat hits the back of the palette and with a dry numbing heat. The Ghost peppers in the sauce reach above 1 million on the Scoville scale meaning it's essential to have a cold beverage on hand with this sausage.

400g pack ~ 3-4 Sausages per pack

Spiciness Scale 10/10