Delamain Pale & Dry X.O

Delamain Pale & Dry X.O (average 25 years old), Grande Champ

Light amber with golden flecks. Orange spiced tea, fresh cut apples, and cherries first. Delicate floral flavours, with sleek notes of vanilla, the wood tied powerfully well, a fine interplay of fruit and acidity laced with a touch of liquorice.

With an incredibly old family tradition, Delamain makes for an exciting cognac house with roots dating back to the early 1600s! The family tree couldn’t be more complicated, and yet the Delamain brand has managed to survive since its creation in 1762. This is a cognac house that is unapologetic when it comes to quality, selecting only the very excellent from its suppliers in order to create its own products. With the British aristocracy having influenced the Delamain’s for generations, this cognac is authentically catered for royalty. Delamain range starts where others end, with an X.O.