Chilled Black Angus Hanger Steak

Chilled Black Angus Hanger Steak 1.5 kg whole piece + Free Coffee Rub

Price per kilogram is for indication only, exact weight of item may vary
Pasture Raised
Antibiotic & Hormone Free

$478.00 Regular price $600.00
Marble score: 1-2

Hanger Steak is taken from the plate and is famed for its flavour, it is boneless and lean, it is perfect as a quickly grilled steak at a high temperature. It is fantastic served with a Chimichurri Sauce. Also available trimmed and portioned 

This is a whole untrimmed 1.5kg piece. Watch how to trim and cook it here

Add one of our Steak Sauces for the perfect meal

**Please Note** Hanger steak can vary in weight, we try to pick pieces that come to within +/-10% of the advertised weight. If it weighs less please let us know.