Butter Chicken Meal Kit
Steak King Garlic Naan Meal Kit

Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan Meal Kit for 5-7 pax


We've combined all the necessary ingredients to make this fantastic yet convenient frozen meal kit.

You get the following:

  • 1kg of Tandoori Marinated Free-Range Chicken Thighs
  • 500g of Creamy Butter Chicken Sauce
  • 4 x  half Dough Balls for Naan Bread
  • 100 grams Roasted Garlic & Corriander Butter for brushing your bread with



  • Defrost the chicken, butter chicken sauce and the dough balls over night in your fridge.  Cover the dough balls tightly with oiled cling film so they don't dry out
  •  Allow the dough balls to get  to rise in a warm place for approximately 2 hours, they will double in size, keep covered while they are rising.
  • Preheat your grill/brolier or BBQ to maximum heat. Place the chicken on a grill rack and grill at the very top of your oven so that the chicken starts to char on the outside (around 5-10 minutes)

  • Add the butter chicken sauce to a large sauce pan and heat up until almost boiling
  • Add the grilled/charred chicken to the sauce (and the juices that came from it) Keep warm but do not boil or you will overcook the chicken
  • Sprinkle some plain flour on a work surface, place a dough ball on the flour, sprinkle with more flour on top, using your hand, gently stretch the dough into a 6 inch disk (you can use a rolling pin for this also but this will remove air out of the dough)

  • Repeat with the rest of the dough balls (they may stick together if you stack them)
  • Heat a large frying pan on a high heat and dry fry the dough disk for around 3 minutes per side, the pan needs to be really hot (do not use any oil!)

  • Microwave the garlic butter for 30 seconds to melt it slightly
  • Brush the naan breads with melted butter on both sides
  • Serve the curry directly from the pot into bowls with steamed rice (optional)
  • Serve the garlic naans on a large plate