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Appellation Sydney Rock Oysters Full Case (5 dozen) + Free Oyster Knife

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5 Dozen live 'unopened' Sydney Rock Oyters with a free Oyster knife worth HK$180

The Appellation Rock Oyster has a high level of brine. This is the result of a number of factors. Merimbula Lake is a narrow estuary, it benefits from a strong natural current that constantly pushes seawater through the oyster growing area. This means Merimbula Lake maintains a high salinity level throughout the year, close to that of seawater found in the Pacific Ocean. The Appellation Rock Oyster has a high level of creaminess, which is at its peak from Autumn thru until Spring (March - September).
The strong tidal flows that Merimbula Lake experience, coupled with our modern growing techniques, result in a medium to high level of sweetness that the Merimbula Rock Oyster is famous for. The high mineralisation found in these Rock Oysters can be attributed to the fresh seawater from the Pacific Ocean that
provides trace elements such as zinc and copper.

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