Chilled Wagyu M9+ Rump Cap (Picanha) 2kg
Chilled Wagyu M8-9 Rump Cap
Chilled Wagyu M9+ Rump Cap (Picanha) 2kg
Chilled Wagyu M9+ Rump Cap (Picanha) 2kg

Chilled Wagyu M9+ Rump Cap (Picanha) 2kg

Price per kilogram is for indication only, exact weight of order may vary
Antibiotic & Hormone Free

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Marble score: 9+

Also known as Picanha, this cut is amazing cooked whole on a barbecue but can also be cut into steaks, comes as a whole 2kg piece and is not portioned.

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Please note each rump cap can vary in weight. We have tried to pack so that the pieces are as close to 2kg in total +/- 10%. If the weight is less then please contact us.

You will find it to have a buttery, rich and full flavor with exquisite marbling – reflecting the grass and grain diet of the cattle. The beef is completely free of hormone growth promotants and antibiotics.

It is the finest quality hand-selected, wholesome Wagyu beef that has been fed on a diet of grass and then finished on natural grains for 300 - 350 days from Full Blood Wagyu cattle making it tender and supremely rich in flavor. The beef is processed in our own factories with full traceability throughout the entire supply process.

Full Blood Wagyu cattle have the the proven best marbling. Juicy and succulent, this beef is a truly unique eating experience.

The rump cap may contain some silver skin at the bottom of the piece, we recommend that you remove this with a shark knife before cooking.